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Cable Wakeboarding

Premiere Cable Wakeboard Park in NZ with dual lanes:
Orange Lane - obstacle free (Beginners / Air Tricks)
Black Lane - feature filled (Kickers / Sliders)

Quick Details

Slide 'n Ride Combo Combo activities must be used on the same day!
Multi-Session Cards
Orange Lane
10 Minute Session (Obstacle Free) (Beginners / Air Tricks)
15 Minute Session (Obstacle Free) (Beginners / Air Tricks)
30 Minute Lesson (Obstacle Free) (Beginners / Air Tricks)
1 Hour Session (Obstacle Free) (Beginners / Air Tricks)
Black Lane
10 Minute Session (Feature Filled) (Kickers / Sliders)
15 Minute Session (Feature Filled) (Kickers / Sliders)
1 Hour Session (Feature Filled) (Kickers / Sliders)

Premiere Cable Wakeboard Park

Orange Lane

FOR: Beginners / Air Tricks

The short ORANGE lane is 145m between towers. Perfect for beginner riders to enjoy the sensation of cable wakeboarding for the first time without getting out of their comfort zone and too far from the starting dock. It is clear of obstacles for a smooth, easy ride.

The orange lane also has higher tension than its longer brother and produces incredible pop for intermediate to advanced riders to practice and showcase their air trick repertoire.

This lane is the kiteboarders’ favorite; shorten the rope to mimic the unhooked kiteboarding sensation and practice your tricks when the wind is light before taking it back to the beach on those howling days.

Black Lane

FOR: Advanced / Kickers / Sliders Black Lane

The longer BLACK lane is 185m between towers. Plenty of room for intermediate to advanced riders to negotiate the series of obstacles, kickers, and sliders laid out for your riding pleasure.

Features include:

  • Duck Island
  • The Pirate Ship
  • The Wedge
  • The Pipe Jam
  • The Pinball Machine

All features are designed to be as accessible as possible to a wide range of riding levels and abilities. Start with the 200mm high small flat box and work your way up to the 2m high rooftop rail. Theres something for everybody.

The two cable systems run variable speed drives, so you can ride safely and confidently at your own pace, whether it be slow and steady to learn the ropes, or fast and furious to get that explosive pop for the latest manoeuvre you’ve been working on.

All levels of riders are catered for at our purpose-built location.