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Hydrofoiling Lesson

Quick Details

Person Ages 6+

An introduction to the world of Hydrofoiling. In particular – Wake Foiling.

You will need an average level of fitness, some board riding experience, be confident in the water and keen to learn!

Our instructor will teach you:

  • Simple steps to be safe around the foil
  • Basic skills of foiling
  • Board handling in the water
  • How to get up on the board?
  • Controlling the lift
  • How to ride above the water on the foil?

We teach with a large volume board and a moderate length mast to accelerate your learning curve

You will get 20 minutes in the water foiling with a further 10 minutes of instruction to give you the best chance possible of success. It’s a challenge, and highly addictive. Are you ready to learn to fly?

​We provide you with everything you need to ensure you have an epic session out on the water: